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Dear Sarah,

Just a quick note to say a massive thank you for your work in helping me to comply with the new General Data protection Regulations (GDPR). It literally feels like you have saved my life! Certainly from a jail term at least!

With GDPR not only covering the storage of persons contact & other personal information but also their images, images rights and storage of said images you can imagine what a nightmare that this must have felt like for a professional photographer. I have/had literally 1000’s of people’s images stored both in this country and abroad via cloud storage which of course to me opened yet another can of worms!

After months of worrying about how I was going to sort it and exactly what I needed to do, you simply came along and took hold of the project in a very professional and efficient manner and lifted all the pressure from my shoulders, I could not be happier!

Thanks to you Sarah I now have a comprehensive Privacy Policy detailing all the rights people have, how I safeguard their information and images and the reasons why I do so; all of which sits proudly on my website.

After such a professional job it goes without saying that of course I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending yourself and the services of Evolution HR to all!

Mark Flynn

Proprietor, Mark Flynn Photography, Design and Print

Sarah’s help and advice on HR has been invaluable to my business. In the run-up to taking on my first employee (after having previously outsourced work to freelancers), I was daunted by the amount of paperwork, legal and HR questions being raised by the onboarding process.

Sarah explained what should go into the employment contract compared to the staff handbook, and walked me through the different things to consider before my first employee started work. Because she also runs her own business, Sarah was able to relate; I wanted to get the process right from the very beginning. Sarah provided me with a robust employment contract and employee handbook that will evolve with my business. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah’s services; she has an expert knowledge of HR, combined with a friendly and helpful approach. A winning formula!

Charlotte Skayee

Proprietor, Word it Communications

I have worked with Sarah for a few months now, and it’s been a pleasure so far. As a client, it couldn’t be more ideal – we work collaboratively on projects and the process is always smooth and fun. Sarah is very knowledgeable in her field, which has helped Chroma with putting together documents and policies. It is safe to say if I was ever to have any question related to HR, GDPR or any other business need, I can safely and confidently rely on Sarah to help. I’m looking forward to this partnership continuing into the future!

Laura Norman

Director, Chroma Marketing