Once you’ve gained compliance with the GDPR why not take advantage of our bespoke DPO Service.
You’ll receive a dedicated Officer who will be available to advise, audit and monitor your ongoing compliance based on your needs.

Data Protection Officer Service

Data Protection compliance is an ongoing process. As a business that retains individuals’ personal data, you’ll need to ensure that you, your employees’ and your clients’ data is safe and secure and falls within the standards set by the Data Protection Act 2018. By choosing our outsourced Data Protection Officer service, you can be confident that your procedures are up to date and that they are being adhered to.

Do we need a Data Protection Officer?

Depending on your industry or the size of your organisation, you might be legally required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Public sector organisations, such as education, healthcare providers and local authorities must have a DPO. Some private companies must also have them, for example if your core business involves handling sensitive personal data. This could include information on race and ethnicity, disabilities, criminal records or gender/sexuality. If you keep store or monitor these types of records, then you’ll likely need a data protection officer.

Many organisations that have a legal obligation to appoint a data protection officer, don’t have the capacity to hire one on a full-time basis. This is where our outsourced Data Protection Officer services can truly add value. We work with a number of schools and smaller public sector organisations on an ad hoc basis to give them both flexibility and peace of mind.

What benefits can we offer with our outsourced DPO service?

  • You will be allocated a named Data Protection Officer. They provide the link between you and your supervisory body.
  • Regular visits from your DPO throughout the year to ensure ongoing compliance within your organisation.
  • Updates on changes/amendments to the Data Protection Act 2018 and support when it comes to implementing these changes.
  • Bespoke in-house training for your employees and management teams covering the importance of Data Protection in practice, and what it means for them.
  • Annual data processing audit to measure ongoing compliance and review any risks highlighted in your initial gap analysis, based on the ICO format.
  • Ongoing support (during office hours) from your allocated DPO. Our team of professional data protection experts are always on hand to discuss any queries you might have.

At Evolution HR Services, all of our services are completely tailored to you, the client. We design our services around your requirements and business type. Our Data Protection experts will work with you to ensure we provide the right level of service on an ongoing basis.