No project is too large or too small. Whether you need new policies, contracts and colleague handbooks or support with redundancy and TUPE, our expertise is on hand to support.

HR Projects

All businesses change over time; whether you’re expanding your team or streamlining it. In these situations, you may need external help fast to support your transition.

One of the advantages of using a HR consultancy is that, across our team, we have a vast knowledge of different HR issues. We’ve worked with companies of varying sizes; from start-ups looking to grow, to large organisations looking to streamline or even relocate. We’re flexible and agile in our approach, so we can work around what’s going on in your business right now.

If you’re looking for advice and support, no matter the issues you’re facing, our HR experts can help.

We can turn our hand to whatever you need:

  • Start-up packages. We can draft suitable policies, procedures and employment contracts to get your new business up-to-scratch before you take on your first employees. There’s a lot to think about at this stage, and we’ll make sure you’re starting out with a robust HR strategy in place.
  • Recruitment. A growing business needs a strategy and recruitment campaign that can deliver the right calibre of people quickly. We work with you to identify and target candidates who will fit with your organisation. We’ll also make sure your onboarding process reflects your company in a positive light, so your new starters can hit the ground running.
  • TUPE – The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment), also known as TUPE, can involve complex legislation. Our HR professionals have experience of dealing with companies who are undergoing mergers and acquisitions. We aim to encourage a smooth transition of your workforce into your new business by promoting communication and collaboration across different teams.
  • Relocation and home-working. Many companies are looking to downsize their office space and allow more staff to telecommute or work from a “virtual” office. We can advise and suggest how to maintain employee engagement, as well as ensure your policies and contracts reflect any issues surrounding home-workers.
  • Redundancies. Making staff redundant is never easy. But if we help you through the redundancy process, we’ll make sure you’re legally compliant. We can support you through this difficult time and help you implement your restructuring as efficiently as possible.
  • System Procurement. If you’re considering a new HR or Recruitment System, we can support the full process from conception to delivery. Our industry knowledge and understanding of your business will help to implement your new HR systems effectively.